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Connect your guests to a unique experience

Oystershucker.Events brings fresh oysters to your event with its mobile oyster bar concept. Skilled oystershuckers circulate among guests prepared to quickly and cleanly open and serve a fresh oyster. Wearing a custom leather apron and specially designed ‘tool belt’, they carry a bucket of fresh oysters, attached on it the condiments.  Oystershuckers will guide your guests in the tasting of oysters – what to taste for and how best to enjoy that flavor, pure or perhaps with added flavor such as pepper, fresh lemon, tabasco and migonette sauce.

Your guests can learn this and more from our Oystershuckers. Oyster culture and history is a rich and colorful world of facts, anecdotes, and (mis)conceptions that we love to share. Eating oysters is an opportunity to participate in a conversation, and we like nothing more than engaging your guests. Oystershuckers are animated and knowledgeable and we love to get others excited about our product and our experience.

conversation, and we like nothing more than engaging your guests. Oystershuckers know all about the tasteful bivalves and we love to get others excited too.

Our Oystershuckers are specialized in opening fresh oysters, they understand their craft. They do an amazing job swiftly opening oysters with no inner grit. The oyster is then presented to guest according to their taste preference: pure taste of the sea, or a little seasoning to further enhance the flavor. The opening and presentation is done in sync with the tone of your event. Oystershuckers are animated story tellers, fun to have around and knowledgeable about their craft. We enjoy sharing our enthusiasm for oysters and oyster culture. So don’t hesitate and ask a free quotation and find out that’s true value for money when you have Oystershuckers at your party! 

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Oyster Shucker preparing oysters while talking to guests

Our Introduction

About Oystershucker.events

Angelique, our Vice President at Oystershucker.Events was visiting her native Holland when she was introduced to the concept of oystertainment®. While attending various events where individual servers were opening oysters for guests and making such a fun impression on the vibe of the gathering, she wanted to know more about it. In consultation and cooperation with the Dutch organization (Oestercompagnie and its founder Matijn Wijn), Oystershuckers came to be.

The world of oysters awaits and the success of your party is the better for it!

The best Oyster Shucker New Jersy has ever know.

High Professional

We are honored to be a part of your celebration, event, or holiday. It is Our Oyster Shuckers have the mission to connect your guests to an experience that is tasteful in every aspect. our model is three-fold: