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Our professional oystershuckers can travel anywhere, anytime, any location. The travel expenses will always be part of our free tailor-made proposal. 

We find that a guest who doesn’t like oysters is just a guest who hasn’t met one of our Oystershuckers! We take every opportunity to turn a non-oyster lover into an oyster fan. People who have never eaten an oyster are sometimes nervous or believe they won’t enjoy it. We find that our passion is catching! We explain more about oysters to people who are hesitant. By telling them what to expect regarding taste, structure, and how to eat them, we almost always convince them to try one. It’s an experience they never forget. 

Every party or event is different, so each price is different too. Just fill in the form or give us a call, and within 48 hours of you submitting all the necessary information, you’ll receive the price in your free bespoke proposal, as well as our terms and conditions. 

Our oystershuckers can come to every location or venue. They will bring a minimum of 100 oysters. Contact us and you will get a free tailor-made proposal. 

The pricing depends on 3 factors: the time you’d like us to open oysters, the number of oysters, and the location. The minimum oyster order with an Oystershucker is 100 oysters. Every party is different so our experts will work with you to make sure that you get a free tailor-made proposal suited to your party. 

The number you should get for your party depends on 3 factors: the time you’d like us to open oysters, the number of guests, and the location. On average we take into account 3 oysters per person. The minimum oyster order is 100 oysters, and our experts will work with you to make sure that you have all the oysters and oystershuckers you need to make your event a huge success. 

Our Oystershuckers open oysters on the spot as they move around the room, so there is no need to provide a table! They will bring the oysters in a cooler, and a custom backpack with all their equipment. All you need to provide is a small space to store the cooler and the backpack, and a garbage can for the empty shells. We’ll do the rest! 

We prefer to serve up North East Coast and West Coast oysters in the USA. Most of our customers like the fresh oysters from ME, MA, CT, or PEI Canada. We are proud to have built up lasting, trusting relationships with our dedicated oyster farmers. After all, they are our partners in bringing you the best bivalves, and we work together to make sure that we provide you with the most delicious ones every time. Most of our oyster farmers have family-owned businesses that have been farming oysters for generations.  

If your venue would like to get our Certificate of Insurance, we can provide that. 

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